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About company

About company



The President I.A. Karimov wrote in his work “  Uzbekistan is on the way of extending economic reforms ” that the revival of spirituality and culture of nation, its revert to true history and origin is gaining today decisive, defining sense to successful advance on the way of recreation and progress of our society.

Returning to its source, realizing depth and power of cultural and spiritual heritage of our great ancestors, making great contribution to the world cultural achievement, upbringing in every generation respect to the past, to the great national and religious traditions; simultaneously clear understanding the  necessity of raising respect to values of contemporary world civilization and spirituality is the concrete foundation , in which policy of recreation and advancement of national self-awareness, political maturity and activities of population are built.

Goal and objectives of the theatre are defined by following stages:

Spiritual heritage, unique value, demands of the time.

Embody national spirit on the basis of advanced methods. Create new works in the spirit of national independence of great artistic works. Make contribution to the development of theatrical art.

Forming in the mind of youth the idea of independence , national pride, love to the motherland, respect to the customs, devotion to the idea of humanism and upbringing youth in this spirit.

Today our theatre is working in 28 Murabbiylar street, Ferghana city.